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Mike Flynn (Montreal)
Bing Crosby on the Miramichi??
Date: Apr 19, 2008 8:22:00 AM PDT
Author: Mike Flynn (Montreal)

A recent edition of the Shamrock Leaf put out by the New Brunswick Irish Cultural Association reports that Bing Crosby's maternal grandfather was baptized in St. Patrick's Church, Nelson, Miramichi in 1833. What is more Dennis Harrigan, Byng's great grandfather, arrived in Miramichi in 1831, a few scant years before Patrick Flynn's arrival. The Harrigan's hailed from one of the two most southwesterly parishes in west Cork. On the assumption that many of the Miramichi's original settlers likely originated from the same areas in Ireland this simply reinforces family lore, which suggests that the Flynn's hailed from Cork as well.

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